Our Values

Diversity is the central art piece of the firm’s client-facing 12th floor. It serves as a physical embodiment of our values, representing the UUBO approach to the practice of law as well as our focus on meritocracy, celebration of diversity, and aspirations for the future.

The Diversity geometric ironwork design comprises several spheres, irregular shapes and spoons. At its centre, 12 spoons are evenly placed in varying light and dark bronze hues. These spoons represent not just the 12 partners of the firm at the time that Diversity was created, but also the historically unique balance that we have been proud to achieve with regard to the participation of male and female lawyers in the partnership.

None of the concentric patterns of Diversity are closed, as a nod to our culture of openness and inclusion. The larger, incomplete circle that frames the central arrangement of “partner spoons” consists of additional spoons in an array of sizes, arrangements, and hues, alluding to our commitment to future growth and expansion of the ‘’inner circle’’ of partners, and of the firm.

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