Litigation, Arbitration & ADR

The firm's Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Practice is one of its oldest and most vital areas of specialisation, with a team of seasoned practitioners who provide a full complement of dispute resolution services to clients across our core Practice Areas not only in terms of representation before courts, arbitration and mediation panels in Nigeria but in providing dispute resolution-related advice even in respect of all non-litigious matters, including the conduct of due diligence reviews and LAD portfolio audits, acting as counsel in court-regulated M&A transactions, and collaborating with the firm's core Corporate and Commercial Advisory teams with the review and preparation of dispute resolution clauses proposed or adopted for both local and cross border transaction transaction agreements.

Members of this dynamic team also routinely support and advise our international law firm peers on Nigerian law matters and have been called upon to act as expert witnesses on a number of occasions in the Courts of the United Kingdom and United States of America. The team has also represented and represents, as counsel, various national and multinational corporate organisations in disputes relating to coastal trade (cabotage), oil and gas, mining, dredging, construction, aviation and maritime arbitrations, including Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited, General Electric, LM Ericsson, Cummins Inc., Geco Prakla Nigeria Limited, Schlumberger Group companies in Nigeria, Transocean Sedco Forex, the IFC, companies in the Sea Trucks Group in Nigeria, companies in the Cotecna group in Nigeria, British Airways, Air Atlanta, the McDonnell Douglas Corporation and Dallas Airmotive, to name a few.

The litigation team also evaluates the litigation portfolios of target companies involved in financings, investments, mergers and acquisitions handled by the firm’s corporate team, and routinely carries out comprehensive legal audits and risk assessments of the litigation portfolios of designated companies.

The wealth of experience of this vibrant team is vested in its members, many of whom are not only qualified barristers and solicitors but arbitratiors, mediators and conciliators with practical experience in a diverse range of corporate and commercial matters.

Members of the Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution team have written extensively on commercial litigation and arbitration issues. For instance, they have written several papers on Nigerian environmental law and arbitration including Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in Nigeria, Arbitration in Nigeria: An Examination of the Lagos State Arbitration Law, Setting Aside of Arbitral Awards on Grounds of Misconduct and more.